As seen by lens
On July 16th 2018, after my last day at the office, I rushed to Munich Airport to begin what would become the trip of my life. A day later I was in London about to depart on an 11-hour flight to China where I spent the next 34 days across three different megacities, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. The first three weeks were spent in Shenzhen after I had been granted a scholarship by Loughborough Univerity to attend the Asia Pacific Innovation Academy program, you can read more about my experience as a product designer in China on Medium, this site, however, focus on the artistic and photo-journalist side of the trip.
me and my true love


The city that keeps the world -and your phone- going.


Where the east meets the west.


Remembering the past to shape the future.

Photography, code and design by ELIAS